Singapore Company Incorporation Specialist

As the demand of company incorporation in Singapore continue to accelerate, Singapore Company Incorporation Specialist is ready to provide you all the professional advices and services to help you to incorporate in a hassle-free way, allowing you to have more time and better focus in your business planning.


Doing Business in Singapore

As a high-tech, innovative and commercially-geared country which offers benefits to entrepreneurs and global investors, Singapore accumulates great commercial growth factors.

Singapore has been identified as genuine world class leader for incorporating businesses. By referring to the World Bank’s ranking, Singapore has remained at the top of the list as the easiest country to do business. In a matter of 1-2 days, your company can already be formed.

Doing business in Singapore, you do not have to worry about taxation. You will not be taxed when it comes to dealing with capital gain and dividends in Singapore. Singapore’s business appeal also lies on its low corporate tax rates and attractive tax benefits.

It is mandatory for all company to have a local director who is a Singapore citizen or permanent resident. Therefore, engaging us at Singapore Company Incorporation Specialist, we can provide you with our local nominee directors.

Not only that, according the Companies Act, it is mandatory to appoint a company secretary who is also a Singapore citizen or permanent resident. Hence, it would be a better alternative on time and cost saving when you engage Singapore Company Incorporation Specialist.


Business Registration in Singapore

Despite the ease of doing business in Singapore, foreign individuals and corporations are not allowed to self-register a company in Singapore. Therefore, you need to engage a professional business incorporation services provider to assist you on business registration in Singapore. Apart from that, there are regulatory requirements that need to be followed when you incorporate a business in Singapore.

For all these matters, engaging an external professional services provider is a good alternative for you. When you turn to Singapore Company Incorporation Specialist, we will take care all of the incorporation process for you with all the information, required documents and authorisation given by you.

Basic requirements for company incorporation as follows:

  • At least 1 Shareholder (Maximum of 50 Shareholders)
  • At least 1 Local Resident Director
  • At least 1 Local Resident Company Secretary
  • Minimum paid-up capital of S$1
  • ACRA approved company name
  • Office address in Singapore
  • Brief description of proposed business activity
  • Particulars and Passport of Directors
  • Particulars and Passport of Company Secretary
  • Memorandum and Articles of Association